Player Name: LittleMrMole

Race: Night-Elf

Class: Hunter

Profession: Leatherworker/Scout

Faction: Ashenvale Outriders (Alliance)


Aeriann Mistrunner is a Night-Elf Hunter, born mortal since the Elves were stripped of their immortality. His mother, Alluae, was a Preistess of Elune, his father, Kaelan, a Warrior, contracted to guard a Night-Elf encampment in the Borean Tundra. His sister followed her Druidic practice whilst Aeriann stayed at home with the White Nightsaber named for his mother, whom died when he was no more than six. It was because of this he developed a love of animals, and studied them almost every waking hour.

His father and sister were killed during an Orcish raid on Astranarr, leaving him orphaned, with no goal for his mortal life. He delved into Druidism, Arcane and other such things until realising he had always had a path laid out for himself. To become a hunter was to take after his father's recless and somewhat disrespect for the forest in which they lived. Knowing this to be something his mother would have never wanted of him, he vowed never to harm a creature unless it was especially nesescary.

With this he became a Leatherworker in Astranarr, hunting for the materials, and selling them on to earn his keep. This was until he was 18 years of age. He was tracking a buck through the south-eastern parts of the forest, when he came across a small Orcish camp flying the same banner as the ones who murdered his family. The Obsidian Hand Orcs.

Ignoring his vow, he slaughtered the Orcs, and threw the leader's head over the Checkpoint to the barrens, swiftly after killing the guards, And returned home with the banner as a trophy. Upon his return, the local Sentinels commanded he justify what he had done, but on his response of "They murdered my family, and plundered this entire town," they demanded he serve a punishment for defiying Elune's will, and he thusly formed the Ashenvale Outriders to serve as his pennance, restoring the former glory of Night-Elves who too have defiled Azeroth by their actions.

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