Association: Alliance

Guild Owner: Aeriann (See Aeriann Mistrunner)

The Ashenvale Outriders are a group of Night-Elf scouts, specifically designated to the Reconnaisance of Ashenvale Forest, more specifically to survey the Horde activity in the eastern section of the forest, and when needed, to assist the Sentinels in keeping the Opressive Horde forces out of Night-Elf territory.

They are based in Astranaar, refusing to relocate, dispite the fire engulfing the forest in the surrounding area (Showing a very rare, stubborn characteristic in the Night-Elves, which will possibly play a part in the battle structure).

They consist of scouts, mainly Hunters, some Druids, and possibly a preistess. This all depends on the applications recived for this group.

At the beginning of the Fourth War, they will be key in the Liberation of Ashenvale, one of the very few set-in-stone Alliance Victorys in northern Kalimdor.

After the Liberation of Ashenvale, the Outriders will move south to The Stonetalon Mountains, to aid a small Dwarven archeological survey team when they fall under attack from the Redtooth Trolls at Kaal'jin's Landing.

From here the Outriders, and the few surviving Dwarves will move north, through Darkshore, to their final confirmed destination as of the moment, the Battle of Darnassus.

Members of The Ashenvale Outriders are yet to be confirmed.

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