Hero's Call: The Fourth WarEdit

This Wiki is specifically designed to provide details, lore and further information concerning the up-and-coming fan created World Of Warcraft RP/PVP event.

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The Fourth War, to summarize, is planned to be a server wide, fan-made, lore driven war effort, driven with the Horde as the aggressors. Not however, by the command of the characters in current WoW lore.

The War In DetailEdit

The event (or series of events) will be based around players, their characters, and their ideas, each character having it's own back story, name and role to play in the final event, helping to morph the story as the event continues.

Because it is player driven, it is unsure how long it will last, what new factions (distinguished by Guilds) will emerge, or how big this event will be.

Once The Fourth War "Ground Team" (Essentially, the few of us players managing this whole thing) have laid down the basic lore, characters and such, decided on a server and a rough date, an e-mail adress will be available to send character bio's/details to to add to the lore, further developing and involving the players.

Thank you for taking the time to read this brief introduction. Please, feel free to delve into the lore/details we have currently posted on this Wiki. Also, bookmark us, and keep checking up, nobody knows when we will be opening the lore to new ideas, or beginning the event for that matter.

Thank you again, Aeriann.

~ Aeriann Mistrunner (Night-Elf Hunter, Leader of the Ashenvale Outriders)


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Please note, to keep this Wiki as lore accurate as possible, posts made by people outside the Ground Team will be deleted. We apologise in advance, however in time lore submission will be accepted via e-mail.

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