Ashenvale 01

Ashenvale Forest (Contested)

The Liberation Of Ashenvale will be the first battle to take place in contested area of Kalimdor. It will involve three factions;

The Outriders, being the local force (and only present Alliance forces present), have the home-field advantage, ultimitly, pushing the combined Orc-Tauren march south into The Northern Barrens.

The battle is to play out lore wise over three days, which in-game will be set to 20 minutes a day, making for an hour long battle.

The first day will consist of three sub-events;

  1. The Horde Arrival (Which will be a political stand off between the Horde and Alliance leaders)
  2. The First Shot (in which, a blood-thirsty Orc Hunter will fire on a local animal, thus enraging a Druid)
  3. Retalliation (the Druid in question will attack the Orc, beginning the battle)

The second of two;

  1. The Horde Split (the Tauren attempt to split off to the south and flank the Outrunners from just south of Astranarr)
  2. The Tauren Retreat (the Tauren retreat to the Orcish push toward Astranarr after the wounding of their leader)

And the third of three;

  1. The Warsong Retreat (the horde factions retreat to Warsong Lumber Camp, as to gain the help of the local Orcish forces)
  2. The Horde Retreat (in which the Outriders drive the Horde forces into the Northern Barrens)
  3. Victory (the Outriders win the battle after the last of the Horde retreat)

More Info coming ASAP.

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